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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Law Changes in Ethiopia

There has been a big change in the adoption process for Ethiopia.

"Beginning April 9, 2010, adoptive families will be required to attend their court date in Ethiopia. Up until now, we were able to have an agency staff member represent us in court. All the adoptive family had to do was wait for the news to come that they passed. What this means for us is an EXTRA trip to Ethiopia. We will need to travel there twice." (Taken from another blog, but I've seen many posts about this in the last 24 hours.)

I think this is one to sit and watch because I KNOW that "court" doesn't always (or OFTEN) pass on the first try in Ethiopia. It will get rescheduled a few weeks or month later. Sometimes many times.

This means we WOULD have to travel at least twice. (HUGE cost issue.) It could me we would be traveling numerous times. Right now I'm actually glad that we didn't send our formal application in 'yet.' I would like to sit back and watch the process to be sure that people aren't having to travel numerous times to pass court first.

I'm going to look more seriously into child sponsorship for now. I feel the NEED to do something.
(Anyone out there in internet land know of a good child sponsorship program? Specifically for Africa, and preferably an agency that I can send letters and small gifts to the children.)

Good luck to everyone in the middle of the process. I know that this is a HUGE burden financially for many of you.

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