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Friday, August 19, 2011

Letter Day- Tadesse

I love getting letters from our kids. Even more, I love getting PICTURES from our kids!! This is a picture from Tedesse. He's the cute little 5 year old in the picture below. Next to him I venture to guess is his sister Tigist. I believe mom's name is Chalifel.  (Speaking of names, Compassion sent me a letter many months ago that his name was incorrect on my papers and it was Tadele not Tadesse, however the translator again wrote Tadesse. I'm so lost! LOL.)

For Christmas this past year I asked my parents to donate our gift money to our Compassion kids. I think that either the translation is a bit messed up, or his financial sponsor sent him money as well because they talk about 2 gifts of money that he recieved. (Letter below)

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Dear Dan & Julie,

Your sponsored child Tadesse G. is greeting you with love. He said how are you all doing? He wishes you a happy Easter holiday! (Written May 20th/ Easter was April 24th.) He recieved a birthday gift of 416.11 birr and other gift of 414.81 birr that you sent him and he bought tshirt with 70 birr, cloth with 350 birr, he paid 41.45 birr for church (I plan to ask Compassion about that), he deposited 300 birr, candle and picture 24.55, the remaining 44.81 birr is on (in?) his hand. He said may God bless you all and thank you so much for everything. The project has given him food supplies, cloth detergent, educational materials, is paying his school fee, etc, because of your help.He recieved a letter that you sent him last time. He thank you so much for everything. He is learning the word of God and praying in Sunday school. He is a KG-1 student now. (Last year he wasn't in school because mom & dad couldn't afford it. This is great!) It was very hot here recently but it starts to rain now. (They have a rainy season. I hope they are getting rain as Ethiopia is in the worst drought in history. I've been worried about him.) He said how about in your country? Please pray for his family and schooling. He loves you all. Until then, he said good bye.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Letter Day! Vestine

Anyone want to help me figure out this translation? (click the photo to enlarge)

This is the first page of Vestine's letter. It's not easy to follow. The first letter I recieved from her was great, this one wasn't translated well I don't think.

Beloved parent, I greet you in the name of Jesus. I write to you in order to ask your views, at home we are doing well. With my family we don’t have a ??????. Courses are going well, and I pray God? good?? I use to small works at home, and I review courses.

I appreciated a letter you have sent to me, it was interesting, I am in a choir, and at home it rains. Does it rain in your country?

Give my regards

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And the best part, A PHOTO!!!! She says that this is a photo taken when the family (?) was baptised. AWESOME!!!