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Monday, March 21, 2011

A great mail day!

As of this past January I hadn't heard what Efrata had purchased with her family gift (sent 6 months + prior.) I called Compassion concerned that I hadn't heard anything yet and I wanted to be sure that she did in fact get that money. Compassion notified the country office and this is the reply I recieved today.

First there is a photo from Efrata's birthday gift. I did receive a note from her about what she recieved but I did not get a picture. With her birthday money she bought a new sweater, shoes, and a party.
She is wearing the bookmark I made her around her neck. I guess next time I should make a necklace. The tree on the left is filled with stickers that I have sent her.
She looks so happy!

This is a photo of the items Efrata bought with her "family gift" money.

Translated letter I recieved with both photo's (some is a bit confusing.)

Dear Dan & Julie,
How are you? She is very fine except for longing for you. She is learning in the Sunday School in good way. She is now in grade four. She has recieved your letter and gifts. She has recieved your family gift and says sorry for says that nothing is done for her with your support in her previous letter. With her family gift money she bought food, bedsheets, mattress cover, a quilt cover, a small water tanker, teff (a local crop), a traditional stove. She wants God to bless you abundantly for your gift.

On the letter written in her native language there is a line in English. It appears to be written by Efrata.
It says:

I lovu SmaH Tnk Uo ?

Under this is the Ethiopian version and with a little searching I'm convinced it says "I love you so much. Thank you."
Lastly the translator spelled her name Ephrata rather than Efrata. I think the 'ph' might actually be the correct translation. Interesting.