"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giving back

I thought I'd start listing ways to give back. Things I've done and things I'd like to accomplish.

1.) Child Sponsorship.
Of course I'd start with sponsorship. :) The agency I sponsor through is called Compassion International found here. Child sponsorship will provide your sponsored child with food and clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, life skills training, and more. You will receive letters from your child & you will have the opportunity to write them letters & bring them hope. It's life changing. I can assure you that.

2.) Complete a service project at Christmas.
For the past few years I have given to families at Christmas. I have worked through the food bank to give someone a Christmas (or Thanksgiving meal.) We always give them extra. Toiletries, additional food, and gifts.

3.) Meals
A local church makes and distributes meals to homeless once a week. You can get involved in this type of activity or you can make a meal for someone who has brought home a baby, suffering from illness, or just to lift spirits.

4.) Adoption
There are 150 million orphans in this world. Children who need families. If you cannot adopt, help someone who is. Learn what it means to adopt. Emotionally, Financially, and spiritually, there are ways to help families adopting.

5.) Pay it Forward Day
Have you ever driven up to a drive through window & found out the person in front of you paid for you meal? It happened to my husband once! What an inexpensive way to spread joy.

6.) Volunteer
Volunteer at your local veterans home. I have volunteered in the past, helping bring residence to church.
Volunteer for larger non-profits like the American Lung Association, or the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. They host fundraisers yearly & are always looking for volunteers. Help with registration at stair climb event for the ALA, or distribute food to riders at the MS150.
Volunteer at church, Vacations Bible School, or in the nursery. Churches rely heavily on volunteers.

7.) Thanksgiving Meals for the homeless
I've debated working for the missions on Thanksgiving. There is a huge meal prepared for homeless on Thanksgiving and I've always been intrigued about the opportunity to help. Guess I just need a nudge! If anyone local is reading this, please consider this & invite me to come.

8.) Help at School
There are a lot of jobs completed at my kids school by parents. They are always needing people to make copies, cut out projects, and help the kids. Rewarding!

** I will continue this list as more ideas come to mind.


  1. What a great list! I must say, all wonderful ideas.

    I must say, I work at a school where we are so understaffed due to budget cuts, so #8 is needed and appreciated.

    One thing I will say about #7 (Thanksgiving meals for the homeless)- in college I volunteered at the rescue mission, and although it was a wonderful blessing to see the floods of volunteers for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it really is something that is needed year-around! So, maybe Thanksgiving could be getting your toes wet, and if anyone is looking for somewhere to implement #6 (volunteering), they could commit a couple hours 1 day a month...or even a few times a year. YOu could even be asked to be put on a call list when they are short of volunteers if doing it regularly doesn't fit in your schedule.

    SOrry, my comment is turning out longer than your blog, but #1, of course, has to be one of my favorites (because it has changed my life :), and if anyone is looking for a way to do #2, I have an opportunity for you ;)

    God Bless Julie! Great Post!

  2. #8 is one of my favorites! I love helping at school!

    And please share your idea for a Christmas service project! I'd love to hear it!