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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Items I can (and cannot) send our kids

From Compassion International:

We cannot send our field offices items that exceed 8-1/2" x 11" and 1/4" thick.


Baseball and football cards
Calendars, smaller than 8-1/2" x 11"
Construction paper
Greeting cards
Laminated flowers and leaves
Magazines, less than 1/4" thick
Pages from coloring books
Pages from watercolor paint books (may not send paint brushes)
Paper dolls
Photos of you and your family
Scrapbook paper
Scripture cards
Small posters

We cannot send any metal (including jewelry, ornaments and magnets), perishable items (gum, candy, flower seeds), or any larger items (soccer balls, clothes).

Unfortunately, we can also no longer send the following:

books and booklets
ceramics or glass
cloth items
elastic hair bands
foam crafts
plastic rulers
Please remember to put your sponsor number and your sponsored child's number on your letters to ensure that your child receives your letter.

FUN IDEA: Collect pictures of your family and make a small photo album for your child.

Items needed:

Variety of family pictures
Five to 10 pieces of construction paper or fun scrapbooking paper
Glue or double-sided tape
Two small pieces of string
Glue or tape a picture onto each page and indicate who is in the picture, what this person likes and dislikes, his or her hobbies, age, birth date and other fun facts. Continue with remaining pictures. Finish the album by stapling the paper together or tying the paper together with two small pieces of string to keep album intact.

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  1. You're welcome to post some of the ideas I've added to that list on my blog. The one things my kids have all loved is when I scan in their pictures and have them printed at Walgreens. I have sent wallet sized photos of each child for them to share with friends and family, and scan in family and gift pictures and send those.
    Also, you CAN send pliable, thin books. They say "no books" to make it easier, but I was told and have sent thin, bendable softcover books and journals and they go through. :)