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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Sponsorship

Tamasmen-love lives in Haiti with her stepfather. She's Seven & reportedly in a US equivalent of 3rd grade(?). I'm curious to start getting letters from her as her information is quite confusing. It says she has a mother & a father in one place and then says she has no mother in another place.

What do you think? Cutie patootie isn't she? :)
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  1. Yes! She is so cute. Congratulations!

    Sometimes I think their family situations are so confusing, they don't know how to record them. I was always confused about my oldest girl (Dilsly's) family situation, even though she was old enough to explain it to me in her letters, I was still confused. I didn't figure it out until I met her and she explained it to me face to face. Maybe I was just a bit dense, but I hope Tamasmen-Love's letters bring a little more clarity :)