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Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter Day! From Tadesse

Tadesse is only 4 years old so I didn't expect much of a letter from him, but I'm happy to get a tiny glimpse inside his life regardless!

Date: 11/29/2010 (They actually used our calendar. Usually I see letters dated in the Ethiopian calendar. On our calendar November 29, 2010 was 3/20/2003 Ethiopia. If I save these letters for a long time, as I plan to, this will get confusing trying to remember which dates are which.

On to his letter (written by a translator or church member):

Dear Dan & Julie
How do you do? He and his family are fine.
Parents names: Chalitu B & Gezahegn T
Sibling: Tigist
Best friends: Barla?wgn, Binyam, Dawit

My favorite things:
Game: Soccer
Food: egg
School subject: English
Pets: Hen
Color: White
Song: God is love
Holiday: Christmas

I live in a town.

I want to be a doctor.

(His fingerprint.)

He is thankful and happy for your willingness to be his sponsor. He is ICGI student. (What's a ICGI student?)
What is school around you? He likes learning.

Pray for his school, him to be a smart student.

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