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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letter Day & Report Card - Tadesse


Tadesse is our littlest sponsored child, he's only 5. With help he filled out a questionnaire.

1. Siblings: Tepest G
2. In my family I spend most time with: My mother
3. My family lives in: Town
4. My food is prepared by: my mother
5. My favorite thing to do with my family is: praying with my mother
6. My favorite way to help in my family is: Help my mother
7. My families faith background is: protestant

Prayer request/ Answers to questions/Special thing to share: Pray for his school and his health. He has one sister who is 8 years old. He attends school well. His parents are daily workers. He is so thankful for your g? letters and picture and toys and arts.

He drew me a picture of 2 round mud huts and an Ethiopian flag.

I also received his report card! He got A's and B's in Phys Ed, Play, Work, Music, and Art. He seems to be struggling in Math and English. He's doing "very good" in his local language.

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