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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Efrata (our sponsored child)

I have some updated information on Efrata!

I am allowed to send Efrata $25 for her birthday which is on May 21st (she will be 8.) I submitted that today because I'm aware that it takes a lot of time to get that processed. ($25 can buy a goat!) The children usually buy necessities with thier gift money. (Many people get a photo of what the child bought with thier birthday money, I hope I do!)

Efrata's paperwork says that lives with her mom because her dad passed away. She appears to be an only child. She is in 3rd grade and has "average" school work. Her mother's job is listed as a "house maid." (Does this mean unemployeed? I assume it does as most people are unemployeed.)

The typical home in Holeta, Ethiopia has a floor made of dirt, walls made of mud, earth, or clay, and a tin roof. A typical family income is $18 a month. I am not sure what language she speaks but the typical language of this area is both Oromigna and Guragigna. The project that she is in just started in December 2009.

Delivery of mail to & from her project can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months... (still waiting!)

...off to write her an email!

BTW- here's a blog on the 2009 Ethiopia tour. (I would love to do this someday!!) click here!

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